Soul Food

One thing that I know about Fall is that it is all about indulging.  It’s about cuddling up under a blanket with a fire, a chai latte, and a good book and warming your bones.  Its about sitting in a quiet place and enjoying the stimulating stillness of leaves changing color. It is about reconnecting with a new season and embracing change.  And all of that feels very indulgent to me.  This morning, I indulged in sweet food for my soul.

Short-term Prevention: Free Yoga at the lululemon studio in Kimball Junction.
Each Saturday, lululemon donates a yoga class to members of the community.  The instructor changes each week (this screams re-run prevention!).  They clear out their store space by pushing all the racks to the perimeter of the room and the floor fills up with yoga mats and lovely people.  I love free classes.  Magic happens when members of the community donate time, space, and energy and then people care enough to reap the rewards.  Plus, there is just something about yoga that feels like you are rewarding yourself.  I think it has to do with breathing deeply while opening your heart.  You can learn about these classes, and others that they host, by liking their page on Facebook.

Julia, the instructor, played great tunes from the 80’s while we practiced our weird human tricks.  It has been a while since I have been to yoga.  I am a runner (something you will know about me after reading a few posts) and I have notoriously inflexible hamstrings.  I can’t even remember the last time I could touch my toes much less kiss my knees or put my hands flat on the ground.  So I am happy to announce that Julia’s workout consisted of much more than just forward folds.  I was also happy to see a lot of men.  I know that sometimes yoga has the reputation of being for women.  This class had so many men that I would even take my anti-stretch husband!  When we woke up from our end-of-practice nap, we were all surprised with a coupon for free coffee from Silver King Coffee.

Daily Prevention: When I was finished with class, I was STARVING for the other type of soul food, the kind you eat.  Kneaders is just down the street and they have this amazing French Toast made from cinnamon bread.  I love it, but I love to make it even more.  So I bought a loaf of bread and took it home.  The French toast, with greek yogurt and strawberries, was absolutely delish and definitely hit the spot.  You know the one; you hit it when you indulge yourself in every way possible during a Saturday morning in the Fall.

Tell us! What do you do to indulge in the fall?  How do you feed your sole?  Post a comment below to tell us!


5 thoughts on “Soul Food

  1. It was so nice meeting you this morning! Your blog looks great! I totally agree – there is something very indulgent and yummy about yoga (and french toast!) Hope to see you next Saturday 🙂

    • Meredith! So happy you found the blog. It was absolutely delightful to meet you this morning. One goal of this whole thing was for me to participate more in our community and meet great people like you! I will plan to see you next week. Can’t wait to open up again.

  2. I want in on this free yoga! I’m in desperate need of a good stretch. I’m going to invite myself up on a Friday night for some girl time and Saturday morning yoga.

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