Silly Summer Sunday

Sundays have long been my favorite day of the week.  Growing up, I always enjoyed the warm laziness of a good Sunday.  In the last few years, I have enjoyed Sunday morning bike rides, trail runs, campfires, and a variety of other adventures.  But the one thing that stays consistent from one year to the next is the Park Silly Sunday Market.

To prevent monotony, the market is different every week.  This summer I have done Zumba in the street, eaten fish tacos, enjoyed a funnel cake, sipped about half-a-dozen kinds of lemonade (I consider myself a connoisseur), sat in on concerts, bought shoes for $10, and so many other things!  The vendors change each week and the product they shocase also changes regularly.  The best way to know what is going on each week is to subscribe to their email.  The website is good, but not always quite as detailed.  I take friends, clients, and family all to the street fair in my little town.

Today was no exception to the greatness.  When I got there, I heard this great female artist singing on the main stage.  I started to look around for some lunch (more about that later) and I was lucky enough to catch these aerialists perform their magic in the street.  Gorgeous!

Back to lunch…I felt super privileged today to know about a special going on at the Park City Pizza tent.  This business is located out at Kimball Junction but they have the best whole wheat crust around.  Not a fan of wheat?  They also make gluten free crust.  Back to my story, I am a fan of theirs on Facebook and this morning, it was posted that anyone who was a Ute fan (the University of Utah tromped on Brigham Young University, the arch rivals, last night) and a PCP Facebook fan could get a free piece!  Not that it is any big deal to pay $2 for a piece of pizza, but it is definitely fun to feel like an insider.  My husband and I both enjoyed a slice of pepperoni while people watching.

Bottom line, there is always something to do and always something to do in Park City on Sundays.  The Park Silly Sunday Market is a great way to get out, have some fun, and prevent even the inclination of the boring Sunday re-run.


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