Half-day in Heaven

One of the best things about living in a mountain town is, drum roll please, the mountains! The Uinta (pronounced you-in-tah) Range is less than 20 minutes outside of Park City. Today was one of those perfect Fall days in which my house could not contain me.  After 12:00, I hit the road to spend the second half of my day in these majestic mountains.

The Uinta range is the only major east-to-west range in the Continental US and hosts Utah’s highest peak, King’s Peak.  I discovered this place about 4 years ago and since then, I have enjoyed spending time there during all four seasons of the year.  Today’s adventure included a visit to Provo Falls.  I love this little feature.  It is right off the road and it is great for the kids to play in!

Driving up and over Baldy Pass is a must.  The latest storms always leave a little dusting of snow on the North Facing Side and the views of the Wasatch are spectacular. Continue down the other side of the pass to go for a little hike.  The first pull-out on the right takes you past 2.2 lakes in only 1.5 miles (3 miles round-trip).  The first lake, the easiest one to get to, is also the most beautiful.  The second only qualifies as a pond.  After dropping some elevation, you come across the third and final lake.  A little muddy around the perimeter, but a beautiful place to sit while re-hydrating and enjoying a snack.  After the day is over, stop at the Samak Smoke House just outside of the National Forest boundary  for some Peppered Beef Jerky or Smoked Salmon and a Diet Coke (we actually stopped coming and going today!).  You wouldn’t believe how well the two flavors mix!

Tell us!  What do you do to get away from working when the sun is shining?


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