Tea Time?

As a young girl, I loved to play with Barbies.  I am not proud of using that word but it is the truth.  My Barbies got to go on all the adventures I never got to go on, saw all the sites that I only dreamed of, and they even ate all the foods that I was never allowed.  Although most little girls have a tea set that they share with their dolls and stuffed animals, I had a tea set that was designed for my Barbies.  It was just beautiful.  The ceramic was painted with delicate pink flowers and inscribed with Barbie’s autograph, everything a little girl would dream of.  Fast forward twenty years and I am sitting in a tea shop looking at life-sized tea sets and imagining sharing tea with some fictional “lunching ladies.”  Instead, I sit in the tea house and I read a great book and enjoy the new treasure that I have found.  Allow me to introduce you to Atticus.

Atticus Coffee, Book, and Teahouse is located near the bottom of Main Street in Park City. Upon entering, the warm spice in the air was palpable.  Looking over their vast selection of teas, I felt overwhelmed; instead of trying to pick one for myself, I asked for a recommendation.  I was hoping to taste something that reminded me of all the best parts of Fall: harvesting sweet fruits, pumpkin pie, leaves changing, and just a hint of the coming of colder weather.  The magic brew? Autumn Harvest.  This tea was not only the color of a changing maple tree, but it had all the natural sweetness of apples and peaches with a hint of Thanksgiving Pie.

I love books, especially in the fall.  The combo makes me crave grandpa sweaters, soup, and a wood-burning stove. As my tea was brewing, I took a look around the used bookstore. I can’t even express my excitement about the repurposing of books. Books are so easy to recycle yet so often they sit on shelves collecting dust.  After finding a recommended read for just $8, I found a quiet corner and enjoyed my Autumn Harvest while expanding my horizons.  Atticus Teahouse is not only named after one of fiction’s greatest characters, it lives up to its name by giving visitors the opportunity to sit and enjoy the great pleasures of life.


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