Don’t need it, I want it…

Buck teeth and blindness are two things that are I am very familiar with.  From the time that I was a child I had some metal thing in my mouth correcting my rabbit teeth.  In my early teens, I added to the nerdy-ness when I started wearing glasses.  If I enjoyed science and math or had a watch that was a calculator I would have changed my middle name to Geek.  By the time I was a senior in high school I was out of braces, into contacts, and I felt like a queen.  Now, I want to complete the process by electing to have LASIK corrective eye surgery at Hoopes Vision in Sandy.

Today I visited the office for 3 hours to complete my comprehensive, complimentary eye exam.  Seriously, I didn’t even know you could do this many tests on an eyeball.  One great part about this place is the warm cookies and the cold water they bring to you while you are waiting.  But I use the term wait loosely.  They had a lot of patients through that office during my lengthy stay but they know what they are doing.  I only waited 2 times and only for a total of about 15 minutes.  Don’t worry though, I had twitter to keep me company so I never got too lonely.  One of the best things about this place is their surgical counselor.  You visit someone who chats with you about all the different parts of the process.  We chatted about everything from financing (which is incredible here!), to the different lasers that are used, to the hotel discount if I wanted to spend the night near the office for my early morning follow-up.  My counselor, Ben, had all the answers.

My surgery is scheduled for Tuesday, I promise I will let my husband take a picture of me while wearing my funny little eye shields so you can all guffaw at my final day as a nerd.  But take a good look at what you see because when I wake up from my valium coma on Wednesday morning, the nerd will have been surgically removed…and I can’t wait for it!

Tell us!  Have you ever had an elective surgery?  Do you still love what you had done or do you wish you had maintained the state of au-naturale?


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