The Perfect Ingredients

Yesterday was spent in Orem, a city about 40 minutes away from Park City.  I was there for work so I decided to meet a girlfriend, Mel, for dinner and to obtain fodder for yesterday’s blogging subject.  Around 5:30 we met at Pizzeria 712.  This has long been Mel’s go-to place for great food in Utah County (which is actually harder to do than one may think) but I had only been there once and remembered the meal was decent but nothing spectacular.  Last night, however, was completely different.  I didn’t know it when I arrived but I was in for one of the top 10 meals of my life.

photo by: Melissa Stratton

Mel is a regular here so you can imagine her warm welcome when we walked in. She asked to be seated in Danny’s section. He is her favorite, I quickly understood why. He never let our glasses get empty and made great recommendations from the menu. When he suggested a pizza selection, it was one that wasn’t listed on the menu. He predicted that we would like it based on our other menu choices.  The pace of the meal was perfect. We had four full courses and spent over two hours there enjoying the full spectrum of flavors.  We enjoyed the meal as Italians intended, full of character and conversation.

Our two appetizers came out and I was treated with the first bites of what was yet to come. Ricotta gnocchi with roasted sweet corn, mushrooms, and olive oil was my first divine bite. The Ricotta cheese and roasted garlic seemed creamed as all the lumps were gone and the olive oil that was drizzled over the top blended the flavor with the crostinis it was served with.

photo by: Melissa Stratton

My favorite part of the meal was our salad.  It was essentially a caprese salad but instead of regular ‘ol tomatoes, the restaurant used heirloom tomatoes from a local farm, Jacob’s Cove.  To make it even better, the Mozzarella was freshly made and hand-pulled in the restaurant.  I could eat this salad every day.  I have even considered subscribing to Jacob’s Cove’s CSA just so I can get their tomatoes year-round.

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about the pizza!  I did go to a pizzeria after all.  Danny chose our pizza for us so it was a complete surprise; but when it landed on our table we knew it would be perfect.  Why?  It had more of that hand-pulled mozzarella cheese all over it.  That’s not all, instead of normal tomatoes, it was covered in thinly sliced heirlooms.  To top off the pie, it was sprinkled with bacon.  But it was no stereotypical bacon.  It wasn’t thinly sliced and crispy.  It was savory chunks that sort of melted in your mouth.  I’m not usually much of a bacon gal but this little addition added a lot of flavor and texture to the pizza.

When we were finished, I was shocked by the price on the bill.  Not because it was so much but because it so small!  We shared four courses and a bottle of wine for way under $100.  I haven’t eaten this well for this price since I ate at Diavola Pizzeria in Geyserville, CA.  The combo of incredible ingredients, great service, and an adult-friendly atmosphere earns this place a *****5-star rating.  If you don’t live nearby, make a day out of the trip and visit Provo Canyon for a hike or a scenic drive.  The perfect ingredients won’t disappoint.

Tell Us!  Where did you eat the last time you had a Top 10 meal?


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