Fall Foliage and Friends

The season of Fall is known for its color changing display and this year promises to be anything but a disappointment.  Every day the sun rises with new colors and more changes keeping viewers on their toes and very interested.  I remember a year that I went for a Fall Foliage Drive to Sundance Resort and the colors were so captivating that the image has been permanently captured in my mind’s eye.  This year is shaping up to be just as mesmerizing and memorable.

I knew a trail run would be the perfect way to get acquainted with the dish that Mother Nature and Father Time have prepared.  The ticking of time is only enhancing the beauty so I knew this may be the first occasion in which we spent time together this season but it certainly wouldn’t be the last.

Yesterday the dawning of the new day greeted my with my friends Meghan, Nick, and Wendy.  We met in Old Town, Park City, to go for a run through the Fall Foliage.  We started on Rossi Hill and then circumnavigated the South portion of Old Town.  The route that Meghan chose for us did not disappoint.  We ran through red, orange, and yellow.  We even ran through an Aspen Grove (my favorite scenery to be in!).

In portions of Park City the colors are just starting to change and in others the hills are covered in full-fledged fireworks.  Stay tuned throughout the fall as I take you on Fall Foliage Tour around different parts of the city, through different colors.  These smiles are just a preview of what is to come.



Tell us!  Where is your fall-foliage retreat?  Do you have a secret place that changes just for you every year?



2 thoughts on “Fall Foliage and Friends

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