Warming up to Fall

I don’t know what it is about this Fall that makes it different from the others.  Maybe it is being in the mountains.  Perhaps it is the extra-vibrant colors on the leaves out side.  Or it might simply be that I have the time this year to pause and soak it all in.  Regardless of what the change is, I am redefining this season and warming up to Fall.  No better way to warm up than with Pumpkin Cinnamon Pull-Apart Bread.

photo courtesy of: jessicainsd.blogspot.com

Naturally when I saw the above photo pop up on Pintrest, I re-pinned it to my wishful eating board and put it on my list of things that I must do during the Fall.  When I got my work done early this morning, I couldn’t think of anything that would make my mouth water more than this deliciousness.

I have never made bread that has to rise without the help of a bread maker until today.  It isn’t actually that hard.  You just knead it a few times and, voila, you have deliciousness.  This bread is even pre-sliced into little bite sized pieces.

This Pumpkin-Cinnamon Bread isn’t healthy and it won’t fit into any diet regimen but it is a must-do during before the Fall changes into Winter.  When you pull your first little slice off, you can thank me for spreading the sweet and spicy love.  I don’t take great photos of my food, but here is how my bread turned out, photographed with the long shadows that are so Fall defining.  Bake this bread and enjoy!

Tell Us!  What is your favorite Fall indulgence?  Do you bake, puree soups, or put out the tea pot?


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