en Fuego!

I used to work with a girl who used the phrase “en fuego” every time she had the chance.  I loved the phrase and adopted it into my own list of go-to cliches.  Naturally, when I saw a restaurant named, Fuego!, it was put on my “to-eat-at” list at once.

My first impression upon entering the restaurant was that it was empty.  It gave me the chance to choose my table and to take a look around the restaurant.  The ambiance was very family oriented.  I don’t feel like every restaurant in Park City is appropriate for children but this place would be on the top of my go-to list with nieces and nephews.

The menu included all kinds of Italian inspired food with a mountain town pub twist.  From Caprese Salad to a Meatball Sandwich, there is something for everyone.  But if it was up to me, I would recommend the pizza above everything else. They have great variety and they come straight out of the wood-burning oven.  I ordered the Wasatch Pizza.  I never knew that bacon and pineapple could go together so well.  And the Chasing Tale made it all go down with such ease!

I would give this place a 2.5 out of 5 stars.  The food was good and a decent price.  If you go for lunch on Wednesdays, you can even get 1/2 off of your pizza with the order of any beverage.  Sounds like a great place for a pizza party!  So the next time you feel the need for a little heat, go en Fuego!

Tell us! You must have a favorite pizza place so give it up.  Where do you go when you crave a good pie?


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