Finding Inspiration

Occasionally, people tell me that I have a doppelganger out there.  I never believed in such a thing.  Remember that week where everyone posted their celebrity look-a-like as their facebook profile pic?  I couldn’t participate in the fun because I don’t have a celebrity look-a-like.  So when people told me they saw another one of me walking around, I never believed them.  I never believed in the doppelganger concept until yesterday.  I went to watch my little sister run in her high school cross-country meet.  Watching her race was like watching myself, only 10 years ago.

photo courtesy of: John Whetten

What is it about youth that is so inspirational?  It seems like you could go to any youth event on any day of the week and end up with an uplifting experience.  Watching her run took me back to my ‘fast days.’  The days when I was driven by nothing but time.  When I took to the trails with fervor and visited the track with determination.  I saw that same passion in her eyes at her race yesterday and I new that she had caught the runner bug.  This bug lodged itself in my soul a long time ago.  It consumed my days and was my only social life.  I have since built my career on the bug and now I spend each day talking about my favorite sport.

photo courtesy of: John Whetten

I am so proud of her.  At yesterday’s invitational, she ran a 30 second PR (impressive when we are talking 10 seconds/mile) and finished 12th overall in the girl’s varsity race. She is just starting to come into her own and I find her excitement in the sport so inspirational.  I ran harder today hoping that I would be able to keep up with her during the off-season.  I have thought about her race all day today and I found myself wishing that I could get myself back to the place where I race with the drive and focus that you can see in her eyes.  You have to find inspiration somewhere, why not look to your doppelganger?

Tell us!  Where do you draw inspiration from?  What keeps you going when you need that extra little push?


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