Get Lost!

I live in a mountain town and I love to trail run.  In my opinion, trail running is the purest form of running.  The surroundings keep you so entertained that you don’t need any music. The rocks, tree roots, and other obstacles keep you on your toes.  And the constant undulation of the terrain is a hill workout and a speed workout all in one.  But the best part of trail running is the adventure of it.  Every run is different.  Sometimes it feels like you are just out there to get lost!  The Lost Prospector Loop is the literal extension of that feeling running this loop right now is spectacular!

The Lost Prospector Trail trail head is near Old Town and wraps around to the East side of Park City.  It is considered Medium in difficulty level but I would chalk that up to the rocks and roots in the single-track trail.  There is some undulation but compared to most of the runs in Park City, this is a flat trail that is great for beginners.  In the Spring and Summer it is green but in the Fall it is glowing.  I love this trail because it is single-track the whole time.  There are spectacular views of Park City about half-way through.  This can be run as a loop by using the Rail Trail that runs parallel to the trail at the base of the mountain.  I prefer, however, to stay on the trail the whole time and run it as an out and back.  From the City Park, it is about 7.5 miles.  Try it out, I know you will love it!

Tell Us!  Where do you go to get lost?


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