Just the Ticket

There is something about Sunday that makes me happy.  There are so many ways to spend a Sunday.  Some times I lounge about in my PJs eating scrumptious things and enjoying the company of those I love.  Occasionally I wake early and spend those Sunday morning hours basking in the most silent hours of the week.  Now that Football season has started I spend Sunday with the NFL Game Day Ticket.

No, we were not at the Texans game on Sunday.  That is a leftover picture from last Thanksgiving.  But I gave away the team that we root for every weekend.  Actually, we root for both the Texans and the Titans. Because the Titans used to be the Houston Oilers, we wear matching Oilers costumes everywhere we go.

After three weeks of the NFL season, we hadn’t found a great place to watch football.  We have pretty high standards.  First, we have to be able to watch both of our games at once.  Second, we have to be able to eat great food throughout the 4 hours we spend there.  I prefer super salty or fried food (who doesn’t?!).  Third, a nice, tall cold one on drought.

For week four, we tried a new place.  We actually go to Sammy’s Bistro all the time.  But, over the last week they picked up two more TVs and the NFL Game Day Package.  This means they now meet all three of our requirements for Sundays.  To celebrate the occasion, they provided a FREE taco bar.  Besides the free tacos, this place makes good food.  My favorites include the chicken bowl and the pulled pork sammy (both are $5 on Mondays). They have plenty of great droughts.  But the best part is the company.  Toward the end of the game, some great friends came in and shared a drink with us.

Just in case you were wondering, both the Titans and the Texans won.  Yup, they are both 3-1 now which means the first four weeks have been pretty fun for us.

Tell Us! How do you spend Sundays?




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