Blast from the Past

I was running around in Heber this rainy afternoon while doing some errands and I came across the Heber Valley Railroad Station.  I have seen the train running up and down Provo Canyon before but for some reason, these big engines, up close and personal, while it was pouring rain, was something I couldn’t resist photographing.

The railroad is a big part of our history.  In fact, the Golden Spike, marking where the railroad being built from the East met that of the West, is here in Utah.  People may not know that Park City was once just a mining town where trains hauled silver or coal away.  Most mining towns didn’t make it and are now Ghost Towns with tumbleweed and sunken in roofs.  However, in places where skiing was able to keep the economy afloat, mining towns became ski towns.

The Heber Valley Railroad, nicknamed the Heber Creeper, is actually just a tourist attraction or as I like to call it, an opportunity for education.  They run a passenger train up and down Provo Canyon daily (something that would be beautiful to do in any season) and create historical adventure for passengers.  If the train ride isn’t enough, you can also book a haunted adventure around Halloween or a Murder Mystery Dinner ride.  Personally, I think that the train ride paired with horseback riding sounds like the most fun! This will definitely be something for my list of things to keep from experiencing daily monotony.  For today, however, I enjoyed the beauty of my Blast from the Past.

Tell Us!  What have you seen lately that was vintage or old?  Could you resist taking pictures?


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