Winter’s a’Knockin

This morning, I opened my eyes and groggily looked out the window in front of me.  From that window I can see a corner of my neighbors roof and the foothills that lie behind it.  As I cleared the morning eye-boogers from my lashes, I realized that I was seeing something new.  For the first time this Fall, I saw…SNOW!!!

Can you see Deer Valley in the background, hidden beneath the clouds?  Those stripes without trees are ski runs. Although they only have a couple of inches of snow on them, I found myself wondering if a couple inches was enough to dig out my boots and poles and head to the mountain for some fresh powder.

When I came back from my daydream, I decided to go for a run: the second best thing to do when it is snowing.  The shoulder season leaves us with the ends of Fall; including some last leaves, clinging to the branches, and the still-yellow Rabbit Brush.  As you can see, I live just below the snow line.  I preferred this for today’s run.  I don’t know if I could handle 34 degrees and 2 inches of snow on my first run wearing tights, mittens, and a beanie.  Instead, I ran through the softly falling snow on the fully saturated ground (read: mud).

Hendrix, my dog, got to wear his winter coat for the first time.  Being a Boxer mix, he has short hair that is completely useless when it comes to keeping him warm.  He has spent all of the Fall season sitting in the sunny spots where light comes through the open window, even if this means lying on a single stair at the bottom of the staircase.  Being that he is freezing all the time and he is spoiled rotten, he has a full menagerie of winter gear.  His fleece coat gets used the most.  He loves it and when he sees me take it out; he knows it means adventure.  Now that the Winter’s a’Knockin, we are going to have to keep that winter coat close.

Tell Us!  What do you do when you see the first signs of Winter?



3 thoughts on “Winter’s a’Knockin

    • The fireplace and a cup of tea is definitely a preference of mine too. In fact, I have chai, a fire, and a grandma sweater on right now. Looking forward to watching your posts, it seems like a similar premise to this blog. Happy Fall!

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