A Change of Scenery

October is typically known for its Fall colors, and mild temperatures.  But this year, Mother Nature surprised us with an early winter storm.  Freezing temperatures generally grace us with their presence sometime in October and the Fall Harvest has to be brought indoors for processing. This year the freezing temperatures just came a couple of weeks early.  The ski resorts received up to 12 inches of snow so I decided it was time to take a little trip to my Uintas for a little change of scenery.

The Aspens were still yellow (mixed with some unusual red) which made for such a dramatic scene.  I couldn’t help it, I kept stopping on the side of the highway to take pictures.  Only I missed the shot of the day.  The land along Mirror Lake Highway is free range which means that cattle graze and poop all along the highway.  With the snow that moved in, it was time for the cattle to move out.  I missed the photo of the cowboy herding the cattle down the highway.  I love the long trench-coats and the leather hats that cowboys wear.  The horses and the cold would have made for a gorgeous photo.  But I missed it.

Because I missed the photo op of the day, cowboy photos, here are some other winter wonderland pics to make up for it.

Our hike off of the highway took us past a bunch of little lakes.  We decided to turn around after we came to this one.  It was nearly completely frozen over and it was just spectacular.  Just the change of scenery I was hoping for.

Tell Us! Where do you steal away to when you want a change of scenery?


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