…Like There’s No Tomorrow

Over the weekend I proudly attended my first ever red carpet event.  It wasn’t the type with nationally televised interviews or designer ball gowns.  Instead it was the type with beanies, beards, and professional skiers.  That’s because I attended the world premier of Warren Miller’s newest film, Like There’s No Tomorrow.

The film debut took place at Salt Lake City’s Abravanel Hall.  Prior to the movie, there was an expo, of sorts, outside of the venue.  The local resorts were there chatting about season tickets and giving great deals.  The Canyons even gave a free day ticket to all movie ticket holders.  Smartwool was there giving out free socks.  Most of the athletes in the film were there, with the company that they represent, signing posters and giving away free swag.  What a great way to start a night!

Lel: an Eddie Bauer athlete in the film and a ski guide in Alaska's mountains

The movie was perfect.  Just what I needed to get me pumped up for the upcoming season of skiing.  I could never hope to ski half as well as any athlete in the film, but I dream about it all the time.  The rush of having that one clean run, the one that defines the season, is one of the best feelings.  I work all year for that perfect run.  The folks in this film experience that feeling all the time.  The skill and power that they posses is unreal.

just imagining the great powder this season

The title, Like There’s No Tomorrow, was perfection.  One of the lines in the film emphasized the idea that you can’t have a bad day as long as you are skiing.  I agree with that statement, for the most part.

Being up on the mountain is a challenge for me.  I don’t have the skills or confidence of a natural so I have to push myself to get over that edge every day.  One day last season, the edge pushed back and I broke.  While watching this film, I kept telling myself that I am going to redeem myself this season.  I am committing myself this year to skiing in a way that evens up the score.  I am going to Do It Like There’s No Tomorrow.

Fill in the Blank:  __________ Like There’s No Tomorrow!


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