Turn and Burn

Have you heard of cyclocross?  You may know what motocross is: motorcycles racing around a loop full of obstacles.  If you haven’t heard of cyclocross, just imagine a similar sport only on human-powered bicycles.  It is a crazy sport because it isn’t like mountain biking with plush shocks and easy rides.  Instead, there are no shocks.  In fact, the bikes are pretty much road bikes that are pimped out with hefty tires.  There are obstacles that you hop off your bike to get up and over.  Besides that, there is no lack of hills and technical terrain.  Tonight, I witnessed my first cyclocross event hosted by a local bike/tri shop, SBR Sports.

Regular sports are all morphing into underground, extreme events that take athletes to their limits.  Do you have a local mud run?  How about trail running?  Have any of those hit your neighborhood yet?  Or maybe you live in an urban area where there is a local version of The Amazing Race?  Regardless of where you live, there are little underground races surrounding you.  Little, innocent Orem, Utah, at the base of the beautiful Mt. Timpanogas, wouldn’t be left out of the fun.

For the last 8 weeks, athletes have been racing on the same course, against nearly the same group of people, all for the boasting rights of being numero uno.  This week’s event was the finale for the season and I was stoked to be there to witness it.  It was made even more fun when I was made into the honorary MC for the night.  And I’m good at the job…very entertaining.  I know you are curious now so you will start looking around for your local turn and burn event but until then, here are some photos to keep you entertained.

 Tell Us!  What is going on “underground” in your neighborhood?


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