Herding Sheep

I know there are all kinds of colloquial phrases regarding sheep and how they are managed by their shepherd. Because I can’t manage to put my finger on a positive one (is ‘lambs to the slaughter’ colloquial?), I will let you fill in the blank here.  Now if you can move past that rather awkward intro, I would like to introduce you to the neighborhood herd.


These sheep were around in the Spring but they were nestled in the foothills about a mile away. I saw them on occasion whilst running with my dog. I stumbled across them again earlier this Fall while hiking near Deer Valley.


I suppose they have moved into my hood because all the other open land surrounding my place is littered with orange vests and shotguns. Who would want to see Mary’s little lambs mistaken for a buck?

They just wander around eating everything in sight, leaving behind brown nuggets.  I don’t mind them too much, their behavior is so interesting that I just sit and stare. My staring doesn’t seem to bother them.  Some of them even seem to enjoy the attention and posed for the camera.  I wonder where they go when the weather turns?

Prevent the Re-run: Wander out into your neighborhood and check out the scenes.  I bet you will notice something new there that you may never seen before.


3 thoughts on “Herding Sheep

  1. We used to live across the road from a herd of Longhorn cattle and whenever anyone would come to visit we would all sit on the front porch and watch the cows.

    • Herds, flocks, etc. are all fascinating to me. To think that they know each other’s moves and can react instantly is so incredible. While I was watching yesterday the shepherd came across the street with the dogs. They all started moving before the dogs even came close. Even the sheep who didn’t know what was going on just moved with the group. These sheep move constantly so one day I see them, the next day I don’t. Too many metaphors here.

  2. I love these photos Rhielle! There are so many comforting scriptures that use shepherds and sheep that whenever I see sheep I can’t help but think of the Good Shepherd. I do wonder where they all go in the winter though. Maybe you will still see some?

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