Homemade Cafe Rio Pork

Utah is home to the fast-growing restaurant chain, Cafe Rio.  The restaurant is famous for its fresh ingredients (they don’t have any freezers or microwaves in their restaurants and squeeze about 1000 limes every morning), fast service, and their sweet pork.  The only problem is that everything on the menu contains about 1,000 calories and doesn’t keep very well for leftovers.  So when I found a recipe for at-home Cafe Rio Sweet Pork, I had to give it a try.

The recipe is for slow-cooked pork which makes me even happier.  I can just drop all the ingredients into the crock pot and go about my business all day.  When I come home, I have a crock-pot full of sweet meat and the best part is that provides my little family of two with the base for three full meals.  If you are like me and cooking meals is a challenge, three meals out of one meat is a huge bonus.

First, I made a modified Cafe Rio Sweet Pork Salad.  I cooked some rice using roasted tomatillos and lime, opened a can of black beans, and topped it with cut up some fresh spinach and sweet peppers.  Add the sweet pork and you have yourself a deliciously filling meal.  My husband even went back for seconds, which is rare when I am cooking.

Second, I fried an egg and warmed up a tortilla.  Put the egg inside the tortilla with some leftover pork and rice.  Voila, a great lunch burrito.

Last, I used it to practice my Super Bowl Nachos.  My little family of two moved into a new house this Summer and now have a lot of space for entertaining.  This Winter we plan to entertain some of our closest football friends during the Super Bowl and I want to make sure all of my recipes are perfected for the occasion.  The sweet pork, con black beans, cheese, jalapenos, pico de gallo, and plain yogurt (mix in salt for healthy sour cream) makes killer nachos.  *Note* Make sure you drain the meat of all the juice that is keeping it moist.  The juice makes the chips soggy quickly.

Leftovers are not my thing, it feels too much like a meal re-run.  But when you can use one ingredient as a base and create three meals with it, I’ll make it every day of the week.

Prevent the Re-run: Find a recipe that you can use as a base for multiple recipes.  Then use the base to keep your meals fun and different every day.  Visit skinnytaste.com for healthy recipe ideas.


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