The Coming of the White Night

Although some people might whine about the cold temperatures and the permanent version of rain (a.k.a. snow) that resides on the ground during the winter months, in Utah we look forward to it during all 6 months during which we can see the green grass.  Winter isn’t just a season around here.  Winter is a way of life; some might even call it a religion.  In the good years, the record breakers, there is a pre-season sign, something that signals the coming of something great.  So when we see the sky turn red prior to a storm front, we appreciate it for more than just a beautiful sunset.  We know red skies mean something more.

The red sky faded with the setting sun and the storm clouds bring in the white night.  That is why I felt it appropriate to celebrate a great snowfall with the purchase of a season pass to the Deer Valley Ski Resort.  This isn’t just any pass, this is the first pass I have ever owned with my face on it so this was a momentous occasion.  It was significant enough to endow with Deer Valley’s famous turkey chili – spread over salty, fatty chips and smothered with sour cream, beans, and green onions.  If you ever make it to Deer Valley’s Grocery  and Cafe (formerly the home of the Stew Pot), these Turkey Chili Nachos should not be passed by.  I can see myself enjoying them after many a ski day during the upcoming season.

Bottom line. The snow is falling at a very fast rate right now and that means one thing…the anticipation of ski season and the white night has made me jittery.  Bring it on, baby.

Prevent the Re-Run: Celebrate the coming of the Winter by preparing some Chili.  Want to make it even better, make yourself a platter of Chili Nachos.


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