Dangling a Carrot

My job takes me to the road on a somewhat regular basis.  I spend time visiting different parts of the Intermountain West including parts of Wyoming, Idaho, Nevada, and all of Utah.  One of my favorite parts of the drive between cities is the wildlife.  I love to see the animals interacting in their natural habitat.  I have been lucky enough to merely observe   and never interact with the wildlife as my vehicle is still fully intact.  Although the antelope, deer, owl, and eagle kept me wildly entertained today, it was the cattle that actually got me to pull over and take a picture.  This herd put a whole new meaning to the phrase “dangling a carrot.”

Prevent the Re-run: The winter means that food is sparse and hard for animals to find.  Leave a trail of bread crumbs and then watch to see what kinds of critters come to eat it up!


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