Leaving Las Vegas


Las Vegas, the town where dreams come true and everyone is a winner, right? Well, between you and me, I disagree. Las Vegas is a town of disappointment. On the face, everything sparkles and shines, when driving in from the North at night the city appears to be perfectly placed sequins, but one doesn’t need to look far to see that the town is full of hopes and dreams that are never realized. Even the strip promises a fulfilling sensation but upon further observation is just a facade that disguises filth and smut. There is one remaining treasure, left from the early days of Vegas when quality was valued over cost. The remaining token at the South end of the strip welcomes you to once fabulous Las Vegas. But I am leaving for good (or at least a few months).


1 thought on “Leaving Las Vegas

  1. I totally agree! I remember walking around thinking, “Wow, this is soooo fake!” There’s nothing truly rewarding there. It is, like you said, a great facade.

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