Slogging Away

I woke up one morning last week with a few hours to spare.  It was seemingly a gloomy day with gray clouds looming overhead.  It seemed like a metaphor for my life, same ol’ gloomy clouds overhead.  I decided that I would spend my spare time on the mountain taking in some fresh air and some ski turns on the hill.  I’m glad I made the effort to get to the top of the mountain because it taught me a lesson.

The morning was gloomy and the ride to the top of the gondola at Deer Valley didn’t prove to be much better.  The second chair ride, taking me a little higher on the mountain, didn’t change things.  Then I got on the third chair, the one that takes you all the way to the top, and the sun shining, it was a beautiful day!  I looked out over the vast floor of clouds below me and said to myself, “Sometimes you have to be willing to find the light but it is always there.”  Skiing that morning reminded me that life can bog me down.  Even looking for ways to break up the monotony can be monotonous.  I have to be proud each time I poke my head up above the make-life-bogged-down clouds in order to see the sunlight.

I can’t say that life has been anything but a re-run lately.  I have set some goals for myself and I have had to slog away at meeting those goals in order to perpetuate success.  How do I keep it interesting?  I am doing my best to see everyday as a winning proposition.  I have goals for each day which include things like work, workout, eat more veggies, do laundry, do dishes, etc.  Each time I cross those things off of my list, I have to be proud that I have completed something and have kept my forward momentum.  

Prevent the Re-run: What do you do that keeps you from feeling like you are slogging away  at the same tasks each day?


4 thoughts on “Slogging Away

  1. I really liked your post. I also feel bogged down sometimes by the things I have to do everyday to keep things running around here. What helps me is remembering that even though it can seem dreary doing these things makes a difference to those around me and they are important even if they’re not exciting.

  2. What a great reward the picture is. This is a great reminder to keep setting goals and to look forward. I need to not get bogged down in the things that I don’t get done and remember the things that I accomplish. Thanks for the nudge to keep moving and hopefully forward and upward.

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