Repeating History


We hear so often about history repeating itself. Sometimes it is in reference to political moves or world events. Today I am referring to my inability to learn to wear sunscreen.

It has been an unusually warm Spring here in Park City. With trails drying out early I just can’t ignore them calling me out. Saturday’s run left me with funky little red spots where my unpracticed early season sunscreen application failed to cover my pale skin. Yesterday’s mountain bike ride, however left me with a line on the top and bottom of my arm. The line is a result of my ridiculous neglect to apply sunscreen.

Today I am reflecting on every Spring in my past adult and teenage life and wondering why each year I do this to myself.  Why, I ask, am I so intent on baking my skin to a deep crispy red once a year?

I think this has something to do with my wanting to get a quick tan. My skin doesn’t tan though. When I act so stupidly, I just burn and peel. Nothing good comes of it!

Reminder to self, next year prevent the re-run and wear sunscreen all year long!


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