School’s Out For Summer!

Remember back when you were little. Remember those butterflies you would get in your stomach during the last week of school?  My favorite day was field day.  It was full of sun and fun and box lunches that we got to eat outside on the grass.  I enjoyed every second of it.

Today, I went to the track for a speed workout and I found the Intermediate School (5th and 6th graders) there enjoying their field day.  The students and teachers were racing each other in 400 M relays.  How fun!  I could tell they were getting close to finishing so I went to my car and did a little work on my phone while I waited.  As the students started to file out of the stadium and I headed out for my warm-up the fire truck across the field turned its water on full blast.  The happy laughter and screams could be heard blocks away as the kids disappeared into the cloud of mist.  The kids got soaked while having a great time.  And just in time for the buses to pick them up.

Now that I am home and it is warm outside, I am craving a sprinkler and a sheet of plastic so that I can enjoy a homemade slip-n-slide while getting grass stains and eating popcicles.  Somehow, I don’t think it will feel the same as it did back when I was younger and my bathing suit was baggy.  I suppose I will have to settle for my Nook and a lounge chair next to a pool.   Anyone?

Prevent the Re-run: What are your favorite memories from the last week of school?


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