All I Want(ed) for Christmas

To me, the most monotonous thing on my to-do list is dinner. The thing is, it isn’t just the cooking part that makes it time consuming and trying. Nope, there are many steps to this cooking thing and every single one of them, to me, feels like a chore. Which is why, every year, my Christmas wish list is full of things to help me make this chore slightly more bearable. Like Rudolph, this year will go down in history… as one of the best cooking years ever.

As I have done food research and healthy eating learning throughout the last year I noticed that non-stick cooking surfaces are really bad for you. The chemicals that prevent food from sticking are linked to dimensia and Alzheimer’s and when you cook with them, they leach into your food over time. So I asked my favorite nutrition based blog, Bioendurance, what the best cooking surfaces were and was introduced to cast iron. I knew about Dutch ovens and the benefits of cooking on cast iron for your diet. I also knew about this great brand, Le Creuset, that has the reputation for being in families for generations. But when I finally told my husband that I wanted a new Le Crueset pan for Christmas, only then did I find out that they now come in A LOT of beautiful colors. Imagine my surprise when Caribbean Blue (my favorite) was in the mix.

I picked out the frying pan so that I could make eggs and figured I would use stainless Steele for most other things until next year when I could ask for another. But my husband surprised me with this whole set! Yippee!


Before you go judging me thinking we are filthy rich (we’re not) let me share with you our little secret. They are from the outlet (in Houston, where my husband is from and was visiting family in November) and were purchased for about 70% of the normal price. Who knew there was such a thing?! And let me tell you, these scratch and dent pieces are completely devoid of either. Only one of them has a visible flaw and it is so small, I had to ask my husband if it was the flaw.

Now that I have discovered the world of food blogs that aid me in finding delightful new things to prepare all the time and I can pull out these incredible pots in which to make these delicious items, I am looking forward to the next few weeks of breaking these suckers in. Bon Appetite!


1 thought on “All I Want(ed) for Christmas

  1. We have that outlet store here but I haven’t ever been inside. I’ll have to check it out. Let me know what your tricks are for taking care of them as you get them *broken* in. Have fun and Happy New Year!

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