Goal Digger

20150308_140929 Lately I have had a singular focus, setting goals. I suppose my focus has been so narrow that one could say I have had a goal to set a goal.  But seriously, I have spent every available moment of my life thinking about what is coming next and how to get there successfully. I keep thinking of goals that look good on paper, such as “PR in the half marathon,” or, “go sub-3:30 in the marathon,” but for some reason those goals are not sparking any excitement in me and without excitement, there is nothing else.  I have been able to see the end of the dock, walk to the end of the dock, but I just can’t seem to jump off the end of it and submerge myself in full-blown, goal-digging.

I went to a bit of a goal setting workshop with the intent to dig a little deeper.  I spent some time envisioning myself ten years from now and I definitely have a vision for what that looks like but it is fuzzy because of how far removed the vision is from the familiarity of my life today.  I don’t know how to get there or if that life will be what I want but the changes are quite permanent.

I think the main thing is that I know that big changes are on my horizon and I am capable of making the changes happen. Just one problem, those changes scare the living BEEEP out of me. I’m talking super-duper-pooper-scooper-scary.  I’m talking dirty underwear scary.  I mean can’t wrap my brain around it scary.  What do I do when I am scared? Arm myself with facts.

Here is what I know:

  • I am capable of pretty much anything
    • (exceptions include ridding my diet of sweet treats)
  • Things happen at the right time for the right reasons
  • Be ready for change when it comes to me
  • Sign up for the hard stuff in life so that the hard stuff in life that I didn’t sign up for is a little easier
  • Plan and prepare as well as I can and then when sh!t hits the fan, be adaptable  Hard Stuff

Here is what people tell me:

  • Keep your marriage strong, it comes first
  • Find your formula
  • Do what is right for you, the success and money will find their way to you
  • Always be ready to step up your A-game

So with that, I make the big announcement, the reason for the post: change is coming.  I know what it is but I’m still a little too afraid to post it out there into the void.  Stay tuned, I will be updating the void soon.  In the mean time, I’m shooting for sub-3:30 in the marathon.


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