Goal Digger

20150308_140929 Lately I have had a singular focus, setting goals. I suppose my focus has been so narrow that one could say I have had a goal to set a goal.  But seriously, I have spent every available moment of my life thinking about what is coming next and how to get there successfully. I keep thinking of goals that look good on paper, such as “PR in the half marathon,” or, “go sub-3:30 in the marathon,” but for some reason those goals are not sparking any excitement in me and without excitement, there is nothing else.  I have been able to see the end of the dock, walk to the end of the dock, but I just can’t seem to jump off the end of it and submerge myself in full-blown, goal-digging. Continue reading


Lost and Found

Since having finished my marathon (as I have been calling it lately) I have had some difficulty finding the inspiration to keep training.  I know I have some pretty lofty goals for my next marathon and for the next year of racing so not wanting to go for a run has been mildly frustrating.  I keep telling myself that I just need to take a break and that I will soon find my drive again, but I worry that I am kidding myself. Then this morning, with my eyes glued to the tele, I watched history in the making and found myself lacing up my shoes and heading out for a run.

meb wins Boston

Meb wins Boston!                                                                       Photo from businessinsider.com

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My first 26.2: 2014 LA Marathon Race Report


If you have spoken with me since November 15, 2013, then our conversation was probably dominated by one topic: my training for the LA Marathon. My obsession got me to the start line and more importantly to the finish line.  I had a some expectations for myself, of which I only met one (two, if you count getting to the starting line) but the experience was unforgettable and I am so happy to finally be able to say that I have run a marathon. LA_MARATHON_SIGN.jpg Continue reading

Time for a Close-up

Christmas week is finishing up and as I stand back up and brush my hands off, I have been forced to come down from the high provided to me through those incredible spirits that surrounded me this week. This detox wasn’t wanted, or expected really, but as with all things I have done my best to learn from this experience what I can and arise each day having learned a lesson from yesterday. For the past 24 hours I have been giving myself a close-up examination of my mood, my needs, my wants, etc., and I have been doing some journaling (my pen and paper act as a therapist regularly) to learn from all of this and I came up with a few one-liner-mantras. Continue reading

Cause for Celebration

Once in a while an experience is challenging enough that it provides one with great satisfaction. I am a believer that this satisfaction comes when character is strengthened from lessons learned. It could be finding a strength you never had in you or recognizing a weakness and overcoming that challenge. Yesterday was a combo day for me, I have a friend who found a strength that she never guessed she had and I learned to have the patience that my body needs to heal itself. On both accounts, I found extreme satisfaction and I that is cause for celebration.


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All I Want(ed) for Christmas

To me, the most monotonous thing on my to-do list is dinner. The thing is, it isn’t just the cooking part that makes it time consuming and trying. Nope, there are many steps to this cooking thing and every single one of them, to me, feels like a chore. Which is why, every year, my Christmas wish list is full of things to help me make this chore slightly more bearable. Like Rudolph, this year will go down in history… as one of the best cooking years ever.

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Vineman 70.3 Recap

It has been a while since I have been here.  There are several reasons for that. But I feel like I owe it to myself to record the experience I had at Vineman 70.3 on Sunday.

So happy to have shared a great day with a great friend!

Back in November, I decided to sign up for the Vineman 70.3 half Ironman.  I have done this race once before and didn’t finish with the outcome that I had hoped for.  When I signed up the second time my intent was to go back to the same course and redeem myself, to go have the race that I meant to have the first time.  I signed up with my friend, Melissa, who had just completed her first 70.3 event in Austin, TX.  I think that training with her on her long bike rides through the Fall had given me the motivation that I needed to turn over $300 to a race designed to test my limits.

Test my limits it did.  The next 8 months put me on a roller coaster of training, not training, emotion, and pushing my limits to places I never knew were possible.

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Repeating History


We hear so often about history repeating itself. Sometimes it is in reference to political moves or world events. Today I am referring to my inability to learn to wear sunscreen.

It has been an unusually warm Spring here in Park City. With trails drying out early I just can’t ignore them calling me out. Saturday’s run left me with funky little red spots where my unpracticed early season sunscreen application failed to cover my pale skin. Yesterday’s mountain bike ride, however left me with a line on the top and bottom of my arm. The line is a result of my ridiculous neglect to apply sunscreen.

Today I am reflecting on every Spring in my past adult and teenage life and wondering why each year I do this to myself.  Why, I ask, am I so intent on baking my skin to a deep crispy red once a year?

I think this has something to do with my wanting to get a quick tan. My skin doesn’t tan though. When I act so stupidly, I just burn and peel. Nothing good comes of it!

Reminder to self, next year prevent the re-run and wear sunscreen all year long!

2011 In Review

2012 promises to be a great one. This morning, I dubbed it the year of the run as I am hoping to make some changes in that department of my life. But before I run full steam ahead, into 2012, it is only appropriate to pay homage to 2011. It is amazing to think that it is over.  It was a big year in my life.  I traveled, made friends, and grew more than I can even imagine. I have put together a tribute slide show to help me appreciate myself for who I am today and how I have grown and changed over the last year. I appreciate my past, it made me who I am today. I believe we can never get to who we want to be without remembering who we once were and where we came from. Without further ado…

(click the photo below to get to the slide show)

The Coming of the White Night

Although some people might whine about the cold temperatures and the permanent version of rain (a.k.a. snow) that resides on the ground during the winter months, in Utah we look forward to it during all 6 months during which we can see the green grass.  Winter isn’t just a season around here.  Winter is a way of life; some might even call it a religion.  In the good years, the record breakers, there is a pre-season sign, something that signals the coming of something great.  So when we see the sky turn red prior to a storm front, we appreciate it for more than just a beautiful sunset.  We know red skies mean something more.

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