One Weekend, Two Races, Three friends

I have been craving some spontaneity in my life lately. I keep wanting to get out and do some unplanned things to make me remember to appreciate the life I am privileged to live. To me there is something about doing new things (rerun prevention) that helps me review my perspective and renew my passion for my life. Friday night I exercised my spontaneous nerves by signing up for two races and making plans with three great girlfriends.20131021-201721.jpg

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Cross Country Camp circa 2012


I had just broken up with my future husband and my new running buddy had just been laid off.  We both had some spare time on our hands and decided to spend it trail running.  So we planned a trip to Durango and Telluride, CO, packed up the camping equipment, and stole away to the mountains to become reacquainted with the things that made us “who we are” through lots and lots of trail runs. We dubbed this running vacation “Cross-Country Camp.” Upon arriving home, we vowed to repeat the experience every year to make sure we never lost touch again.  Six years later….we finally made it back out.  This time to Tucson, AZ. Continue reading

2011 In Review

2012 promises to be a great one. This morning, I dubbed it the year of the run as I am hoping to make some changes in that department of my life. But before I run full steam ahead, into 2012, it is only appropriate to pay homage to 2011. It is amazing to think that it is over.  It was a big year in my life.  I traveled, made friends, and grew more than I can even imagine. I have put together a tribute slide show to help me appreciate myself for who I am today and how I have grown and changed over the last year. I appreciate my past, it made me who I am today. I believe we can never get to who we want to be without remembering who we once were and where we came from. Without further ado…

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Leaving Las Vegas


Las Vegas, the town where dreams come true and everyone is a winner, right? Well, between you and me, I disagree. Las Vegas is a town of disappointment. On the face, everything sparkles and shines, when driving in from the North at night the city appears to be perfectly placed sequins, but one doesn’t need to look far to see that the town is full of hopes and dreams that are never realized. Even the strip promises a fulfilling sensation but upon further observation is just a facade that disguises filth and smut. There is one remaining treasure, left from the early days of Vegas when quality was valued over cost. The remaining token at the South end of the strip welcomes you to once fabulous Las Vegas. But I am leaving for good (or at least a few months).

I’m All Thumbs

In my teenage years I considered myself a bit of a klutz.  I fell down pretty easily (and regularly) and I always had a story about why I was bruised, scraped, or bleeding.  I thought I had grown out of that phase when there were fewer instances of bruises, scrapes, and falls.  That’s why it was so disappointing when, last weekend, I chopped a big part of my thumb pad off while chopping an onion.  It is so disheartening to figure out that maybe I am still a big ‘ol klutz and maybe the reason I don’t have to explain away my mishaps is because I don’t put myself in harm’s way as often as I used to.

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Homemade Cafe Rio Pork

Utah is home to the fast-growing restaurant chain, Cafe Rio.  The restaurant is famous for its fresh ingredients (they don’t have any freezers or microwaves in their restaurants and squeeze about 1000 limes every morning), fast service, and their sweet pork.  The only problem is that everything on the menu contains about 1,000 calories and doesn’t keep very well for leftovers.  So when I found a recipe for at-home Cafe Rio Sweet Pork, I had to give it a try.

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Mother Nature’s Fashion Line


As I was hiking this afternoon I realized that if I ever decided to come up with a line of toenail polish I would definitely use Fall as my inspiration.  I also decided that if I was a fashion designer, my Fall line would be called Mother Nature and it would be a mixture of bright colored and neutral tone ombre.

Sometimes an afternoon hike through the woods just calls for photo montage.  Color is courtesy of Mother Nature…and Deer Valley.

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Warming up to Fall

I don’t know what it is about this Fall that makes it different from the others.  Maybe it is being in the mountains.  Perhaps it is the extra-vibrant colors on the leaves out side.  Or it might simply be that I have the time this year to pause and soak it all in.  Regardless of what the change is, I am redefining this season and warming up to Fall.  No better way to warm up than with Pumpkin Cinnamon Pull-Apart Bread.

photo courtesy of:

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Soul Food

One thing that I know about Fall is that it is all about indulging.  It’s about cuddling up under a blanket with a fire, a chai latte, and a good book and warming your bones.  Its about sitting in a quiet place and enjoying the stimulating stillness of leaves changing color. It is about reconnecting with a new season and embracing change.  And all of that feels very indulgent to me.  This morning, I indulged in sweet food for my soul.

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