It’s a Beautiful Day



You know those mornings when the sun is shining, the air is clean and crisp, and you know you get to spend the rest of the day with the nearest person to your heart? Well I was able to experience one of those rare days. Then again, how can it not be a great day when it starts with sitting across the gondola from this face? And then you get off the gondola and white slopes greet you. Needless to say, I am happy after a great day.

Prevent the Re-run: Try smiling. It is amazing how it changes the whole day!


The Coming of the White Night

Although some people might whine about the cold temperatures and the permanent version of rain (a.k.a. snow) that resides on the ground during the winter months, in Utah we look forward to it during all 6 months during which we can see the green grass.  Winter isn’t just a season around here.  Winter is a way of life; some might even call it a religion.  In the good years, the record breakers, there is a pre-season sign, something that signals the coming of something great.  So when we see the sky turn red prior to a storm front, we appreciate it for more than just a beautiful sunset.  We know red skies mean something more.

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Mother Nature’s Fashion Line


As I was hiking this afternoon I realized that if I ever decided to come up with a line of toenail polish I would definitely use Fall as my inspiration.  I also decided that if I was a fashion designer, my Fall line would be called Mother Nature and it would be a mixture of bright colored and neutral tone ombre.

Sometimes an afternoon hike through the woods just calls for photo montage.  Color is courtesy of Mother Nature…and Deer Valley.

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