One Weekend, Two Races, Three friends

I have been craving some spontaneity in my life lately. I keep wanting to get out and do some unplanned things to make me remember to appreciate the life I am privileged to live. To me there is something about doing new things (rerun prevention) that helps me review my perspective and renew my passion for my life. Friday night I exercised my spontaneous nerves by signing up for two races and making plans with three great girlfriends.20131021-201721.jpg

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Cause for Celebration

Once in a while an experience is challenging enough that it provides one with great satisfaction. I am a believer that this satisfaction comes when character is strengthened from lessons learned. It could be finding a strength you never had in you or recognizing a weakness and overcoming that challenge. Yesterday was a combo day for me, I have a friend who found a strength that she never guessed she had and I learned to have the patience that my body needs to heal itself. On both accounts, I found extreme satisfaction and I that is cause for celebration.


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Congratulations, Sonia!

Every once in a while I witness one of my friends do something spectacular.  Not that I don’t have spectacular friends who do are amazeballs all the time but I don’t very often get the chance to actually witness the thing happening.  But last weekend my friend, Sonia, did something spectacular and I am so proud I was able to be a part of it!

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All About the Girls

Over the weekend I celebrated being a girl.  I invited a bunch of my gal-pals over for a slumber party and a half-marathon.  Let me explain.  This all started about 9 months ago when I was teaching a spinning class.  After several of us in the class signed up for a “no boys allowed” bike ride, it was suggested that we also sign up for a girls-only half marathon.  Why not?  It seemed like a fun idea.  Get together with a bunch of your closest girlfriends and run 13.1 miles together?  We all jumped at the chance.  Fast forward a few months and I was having them all over for a weekend all about the girls.

It started with a packet pickup (that was car-ay-zay! busy and somewhat unorganized) and then we all met up at my house for spaghetti dinner.  There is nothing more fun than a bunch of girls sitting around a dinner table with good food and wine talking about life.  I have not smiled and enjoyed myself so much in a long time.  I also find it rare and incredible when 6 girls can sit together and get along while enjoying each other, drama free, for hours on end.

Each of the girls received a little party favor our weekend together.  It included a mix cd of power/girl songs, Pink Lemonade Nuun, and a pink bandanna.  We had previously planned to wear matching outfits but when Mother Nature threw a storm our way the bandannas would become our way to find and identify each other in a sea of pink.  You see, we did the Pink Half Marathon to support breast cancer awareness.  Naturally, the entire field of 700+ women would be adorned in pink.  We followed suit by dressing in a rainbow of pink.

My husband chauffered  us to the starting area which was perfect because it was freezing, raining, windy, and the race started over 20 minutes late.  We stayed in the car until about 2 minutes before the start and used the first mile as our warm-up.  We froze our butts off but we all managed to smile at the finish.  If you look closely, we all have purple lips; and it isn’t because we all shared lipstick either.  In spite of the weather, I can’t wait for the next weekend that’s all about the girls.

Tell Us!  What do you do to celebrate being amazing?