Cause for Celebration

Once in a while an experience is challenging enough that it provides one with great satisfaction. I am a believer that this satisfaction comes when character is strengthened from lessons learned. It could be finding a strength you never had in you or recognizing a weakness and overcoming that challenge. Yesterday was a combo day for me, I have a friend who found a strength that she never guessed she had and I learned to have the patience that my body needs to heal itself. On both accounts, I found extreme satisfaction and I that is cause for celebration.


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Tea Time?

As a young girl, I loved to play with Barbies.  I am not proud of using that word but it is the truth.  My Barbies got to go on all the adventures I never got to go on, saw all the sites that I only dreamed of, and they even ate all the foods that I was never allowed.  Although most little girls have a tea set that they share with their dolls and stuffed animals, I had a tea set that was designed for my Barbies.  It was just beautiful.  The ceramic was painted with delicate pink flowers and inscribed with Barbie’s autograph, everything a little girl would dream of.  Fast forward twenty years and I am sitting in a tea shop looking at life-sized tea sets and imagining sharing tea with some fictional “lunching ladies.”  Instead, I sit in the tea house and I read a great book and enjoy the new treasure that I have found.  Allow me to introduce you to Atticus.

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Silly Summer Sunday

Sundays have long been my favorite day of the week.  Growing up, I always enjoyed the warm laziness of a good Sunday.  In the last few years, I have enjoyed Sunday morning bike rides, trail runs, campfires, and a variety of other adventures.  But the one thing that stays consistent from one year to the next is the Park Silly Sunday Market.

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Soul Food

One thing that I know about Fall is that it is all about indulging.  It’s about cuddling up under a blanket with a fire, a chai latte, and a good book and warming your bones.  Its about sitting in a quiet place and enjoying the stimulating stillness of leaves changing color. It is about reconnecting with a new season and embracing change.  And all of that feels very indulgent to me.  This morning, I indulged in sweet food for my soul.

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Preventing the Re-run.

In November, 2010, I started on a new adventure.  I stepped off the plank into the open waters of self-employment.  Since then, I have faced challenges and had adventures.  Almost one year later I am starting to feel normal again (whatever that means), and am starting to enjoy the freedom of being self-employed.  I am learning new things and taking time out of every day to have an adventure.  I am doing whatever I can to prevent burn-out, Continue reading