Cross Country Camp circa 2012


I had just broken up with my future husband and my new running buddy had just been laid off.  We both had some spare time on our hands and decided to spend it trail running.  So we planned a trip to Durango and Telluride, CO, packed up the camping equipment, and stole away to the mountains to become reacquainted with the things that made us “who we are” through lots and lots of trail runs. We dubbed this running vacation “Cross-Country Camp.” Upon arriving home, we vowed to repeat the experience every year to make sure we never lost touch again.  Six years later….we finally made it back out.  This time to Tucson, AZ. Continue reading


School’s Out For Summer!

Remember back when you were little. Remember those butterflies you would get in your stomach during the last week of school?  My favorite day was field day.  It was full of sun and fun and box lunches that we got to eat outside on the grass.  I enjoyed every second of it.

Today, I went to the track for a speed workout and I found the Intermediate School (5th and 6th graders) there enjoying their field day.  The students and teachers were racing each other in 400 M relays.  How fun!  I could tell they were getting close to finishing so I went to my car and did a little work on my phone while I waited.  As the students started to file out of the stadium and I headed out for my warm-up the fire truck across the field turned its water on full blast.  The happy laughter and screams could be heard blocks away as the kids disappeared into the cloud of mist.  The kids got soaked while having a great time.  And just in time for the buses to pick them up.

Now that I am home and it is warm outside, I am craving a sprinkler and a sheet of plastic so that I can enjoy a homemade slip-n-slide while getting grass stains and eating popcicles.  Somehow, I don’t think it will feel the same as it did back when I was younger and my bathing suit was baggy.  I suppose I will have to settle for my Nook and a lounge chair next to a pool.   Anyone?

Prevent the Re-run: What are your favorite memories from the last week of school?

Lose Yourself

As you may know by now, running is my sport of choice.  I love it for a variety of reasons but I always seem to come back to it because it is the only sport that works better when you don’t concentrate on what you are doing.  Let’s face it, running is most sports’ form of punishment.  It isn’t easy or comfortable and nearly every run sends me through every emotion in the book.  But when you get right down to it, running is best when you lose yourself.  I took the opportunity to do so over the weekend while visiting the deserts of Southern Utah.

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Slogging Away

I woke up one morning last week with a few hours to spare.  It was seemingly a gloomy day with gray clouds looming overhead.  It seemed like a metaphor for my life, same ol’ gloomy clouds overhead.  I decided that I would spend my spare time on the mountain taking in some fresh air and some ski turns on the hill.  I’m glad I made the effort to get to the top of the mountain because it taught me a lesson.

The morning was gloomy and the ride to the top of the gondola at Deer Valley didn’t prove to be much better.  The second chair ride, taking me a little higher on the mountain, didn’t change things.  Then I got on the third chair, the one that takes you all the way to the top, and the sun shining, it was a beautiful day!  I looked out over the vast floor of clouds below me and said to myself, “Sometimes you have to be willing to find the light but it is always there.”  Skiing that morning reminded me that life can bog me down.  Even looking for ways to break up the monotony can be monotonous.  I have to be proud each time I poke my head up above the make-life-bogged-down clouds in order to see the sunlight.

I can’t say that life has been anything but a re-run lately.  I have set some goals for myself and I have had to slog away at meeting those goals in order to perpetuate success.  How do I keep it interesting?  I am doing my best to see everyday as a winning proposition.  I have goals for each day which include things like work, workout, eat more veggies, do laundry, do dishes, etc.  Each time I cross those things off of my list, I have to be proud that I have completed something and have kept my forward momentum.  

Prevent the Re-run: What do you do that keeps you from feeling like you are slogging away  at the same tasks each day?

2011 In Review

2012 promises to be a great one. This morning, I dubbed it the year of the run as I am hoping to make some changes in that department of my life. But before I run full steam ahead, into 2012, it is only appropriate to pay homage to 2011. It is amazing to think that it is over.  It was a big year in my life.  I traveled, made friends, and grew more than I can even imagine. I have put together a tribute slide show to help me appreciate myself for who I am today and how I have grown and changed over the last year. I appreciate my past, it made me who I am today. I believe we can never get to who we want to be without remembering who we once were and where we came from. Without further ado…

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It’s a Beautiful Day



You know those mornings when the sun is shining, the air is clean and crisp, and you know you get to spend the rest of the day with the nearest person to your heart? Well I was able to experience one of those rare days. Then again, how can it not be a great day when it starts with sitting across the gondola from this face? And then you get off the gondola and white slopes greet you. Needless to say, I am happy after a great day.

Prevent the Re-run: Try smiling. It is amazing how it changes the whole day!

Dangling a Carrot

My job takes me to the road on a somewhat regular basis.  I spend time visiting different parts of the Intermountain West including parts of Wyoming, Idaho, Nevada, and all of Utah.  One of my favorite parts of the drive between cities is the wildlife.  I love to see the animals interacting in their natural habitat.  I have been lucky enough to merely observe   and never interact with the wildlife as my vehicle is still fully intact.  Although the antelope, deer, owl, and eagle kept me wildly entertained today, it was the cattle that actually got me to pull over and take a picture.  This herd put a whole new meaning to the phrase “dangling a carrot.”

Prevent the Re-run: The winter means that food is sparse and hard for animals to find.  Leave a trail of bread crumbs and then watch to see what kinds of critters come to eat it up!

The Coming of the White Night

Although some people might whine about the cold temperatures and the permanent version of rain (a.k.a. snow) that resides on the ground during the winter months, in Utah we look forward to it during all 6 months during which we can see the green grass.  Winter isn’t just a season around here.  Winter is a way of life; some might even call it a religion.  In the good years, the record breakers, there is a pre-season sign, something that signals the coming of something great.  So when we see the sky turn red prior to a storm front, we appreciate it for more than just a beautiful sunset.  We know red skies mean something more.

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What Lies Within Us

The theme from my high school graduation ceremony came from the forever-famous Ralph Waldo Emerson,

“What lies behind us and what lies before us is nothing compared to what lies within us.”

At the time, I was disappointed with how cliche the theme was and after listening to the quote repeated in what seemed like 4,000 graduation speeches, I never wanted to hear that stupid quote again.  You can imagine my frustration when the quote popped into my head while I was thinking about what I did today.

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